Run to Flixton Aviation Museum 2013
by Andy Turner.


The day started badly for me, I met Marty at Tesco's petrol station in Bury St Edmunds. Having just filled TEX to the brim, I had a tap on the shoulder " You've dropped your sunglasses mate". While trying to retrieve them I managed to lay my week old '1200 TEX' down, putting a scrawp in the LH pannier, bummocks, having picked the bike and the glasses up, the lense promptly fell out of the glasses due to a broken frame, double bummocks, and still not 9 o'clock! Marty then discovered that his phone had been left at home! a slight detour was taken to retrieve the phone and the journey started proper.


Despite all the pfaffing around, we still met Stephen before the appointed time in the Wyvales carpark at Woodbridge. I led the rideout of three, across country the 33.3 miles to Flixton. The route seemed to have very few straights in it, no chance of flattening the back tyre on this trip! The weather got better as we proceeded, although the Flixton area had puddles in the road, having had a good soaking overnight. Stephen doubted my navigational skills as we got closer as up to a dozen bikes were headed in the opposite direction, however we we discovered this was one of the 'Vintage motorcycle club' rideouts.


First stop the NAAFI for a brew and a piece of cake, very good :o) while finishing the brew, the first of the aircraft arrived, a Stearman, followed shortly after by a Harvard and a Mustang. Supposedly later in the day a Spitfire was due. There were loads to see both military vehicles, bikes, aircraft etc. We were met on site by Pop's (my Father) and my eldest son Terry. Pop's had the best part of forty years in the RAF as a 'propulsions engineer', so was able to give a lot of background to some of the exhibits, he was in his element.


Following another brew and more cake, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. We all agreed that it had been a 'Grand Day' out. Back at home I'd covered 118 miles at an average of 55.4 miles per gallon. That'll do nicely.




PS They say things happen in threes, dropped the bike, broke the

glasses and the MP3 player packed up as well, triple bummocks!


Run to Flixton Aviation Museum 2013.
by Stephen Worrall.

This must have been the smallest ride out you can do, with just two members enjoying the day at Flixton!  I met up with Andy Turner (STOMCC - new Explorer XC) and his mate Marty (Tiger 800 XC) at Woodbridge for the run over to Flixton.  Andy lead the way, he knows the roads well, and he took us on a great twisting route through lovely Suffolk countryside.  There were a couple of last minute route correction turns at junctions, but this just helped to keep us on our toes!  Andy did a great job and we arrived in time for a mug of tea and the seriously good cakes available in the NAFFI.  I was also pleased to meet Andy's Dad, who used to service jet engines, so if you need to fit something a bit more sporty to your Triumph, contact Andy and he will ask his Dad to help you!

Free entry (donations were made) and lots to see.  Planes, engines (jet and piston), helicopters, armoured vehicles, instruments, life rafts,  you name it it was there, and all down a quiet road in Suffolk!  Many local aviation groups were present, some in uniform, and you could have a go at jiving in the hanger to 40s/50s music.  Andy wisely turned my offer down!!!  Various fly pasts during the day, and the grand arrival of the Norfolk Vintage Motor Cycle Club just after lunch (they had been to the pub!).  30 something bikes, some lovely Triumphs and friendly riders.  A very commendable turn out.

So this run gets my vote for next years calendar, hopefully we can muster more than two members to represent STOMCC next time.

Best wishes,