The Thetford Motorcycle Show 2017

After Andy T sending out invitations to attend The Thetford Motorcycle show, 4 of us met to ride there.

Paul B kindly led us to the venue where we all arrived safely.

Five Suffolk members arrived at the Norfolk stand where our bikes were carefully ushered into position. I must admit that the stand had the most bikes at the show. “Well done Triumph”


We passed many pleasantries with the Norfolk Branch having a good laugh in the meantime.

Quite a few members of the public were very interested in the bikes and were in conversation with both branch members, a couple even thinking of joining the Suffolk Branch as they were from the Ipswich area.


The weather was quite good until later in the afternoon where we had a couple of showers. And at 3pm, and the show was coming to an end, Suffolk members decided to pack up and go.

We missed a great big black cloud at the beginning of the ride, but unfortunately some of us got caught at the last couple of miles before getting home. Totally soaked.


However a thoroughly good day had by all.