Copdock Show 2019

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The week before the show at the Trinity Park Showground in Ipswich (which is our major participating event of the year) all eyes were on the weather. It showed rain, rain and more rain for Sunday 6th October.
Everything was arranged, the backdrop, floor tarpaulin, side screen, union flags, all the decoration for the stand, but most of all, the food for Saturday lunch and Sunday’s Breakfast, plus drinks throughout the two days and did I mention alcohol for the evening.
As usual, we aimed to arrive on the Saturday from 10:00am onwards to leisurely erect the stand whilst having an awful lot of fun. A few members rode their bikes to the showground on the Saturday where they can be left overnight undercover in a secure environment.
With members arriving to help with the stand, the first priority was to get the tents up in the Club Village area. When completed we made our way to the stand and met our leader, Chairman Andy and his partner Rika (Andy provides transport for all the equipment and Rika, the food and drinks among much more).

The stand takes half a day to erect, mainly because we are a jokey bunch and don’t take things seriously. Plenty of laughter is heard. When completed, we made our way to the campsite and sat in the cattle shed we have commandeered year on year and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing in our chairs in front of a very warm fire that was made out of a washing machine drum, very inventive and worked extremely well. The weather was chilly but dry.During much merriment which involved quite a lot of alcohol, Rebecca our Social Secretary, arranged for the delivery of a Chinese takeaway. There, as always, was a lot of teasing to be had, Paula being told to get off her phone and talk, Stephen and Scruff drinking a reasonable amount of alcohol and seemed to be “extremely happy”, Richard S having Ladies and Gents toilet labels attached to his tent and later getting a lift to and from the beer tent on a sprightly Copdock show vehicle which happened by, and as for myself, well, I once again imparted something no one knew that I could do “The Floss”. This of course was recorded and is now firmly on Facebook, oh dear!!! I wasn’t even drunk. I found out the next day that the Chinese meal had a bad effect on Mark G.

After having an enormous amount of fun, the evening drew to a close and we all retired to our beds. 07:30 am. Raining hard, we all slowly arose and met in the barn where Richard S was once again this year, cooking full English breakfast. Big thanks to Richard S. Breakfast out the way, we all wandered to the show stand where we noticed a hole in the roof and Colin Db’s bike wet with rain, swiftly moving and drying it we placed a bucket on the floor to catch the raindrops. Several members had already arrived and with their help we raised Paul B’s bike onto the platform.

Paul B’s bike was selected because it was the closest in years to the 70-year celebrations of the TOMCC being formed. Colin Db and his wife Marion, they further adorned the stand with their idea of balloons with tassels and pictures of Triumph motorbikes plus 70-year banners across the whole back of the stand, that completed the show stand. 09:00am and all bikes were in place and the public slowly arrived albeit in less numbers than last year due to the horrendous rain. We still managed to welcome and engage with people, giving some advice on their bikes and hearing lovely stories from them. A few of our members returned from the auto-jumble with pieces of bike engines etc. At the triumph stand of a local distributor many bargains of clothing were to be found, several of us returning with t-shirts, sweatshirts and even one brilliant bargain of a Barbour Jacket.

Paul B this year managed to pick up the correct bag containing his sandwiches and not runner beans from the garden. Just after midday two people from the Copdock show came to me and informed that we had won best club-stand. What a bonus, there was a rosette and later we were presented with a plaque. Another member, David B won best in class for his T160 and as he received his plaque, we gave an extremely loud cheer. 16:15 ‘ish, with all the show now ending and the public leaving, we dismantled the stand gear and with our tents also down, wished each other a safe journey as it was still raining and headed for home, feeling elated that we had a successful weekend and had won Best Club Stand.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the Copdock Show 2019 for their help and ideas which made it so successful and a great weekends fun.

~ Grum ~




Some more photos from the weekend.

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