Suffolk Triumph owners club bike show 2019

This was our first attempt at running a bike show, we’re happy to say it all went better than expected!

Saturday. Initial setting up for the show was carried out, including large party tent from the local MAG group. I can not speak for myself as I missed out, but I’ve heard that branch member Paul Brewster and his band ‘Blackjack59’ rocked up a storm for those club members who stayed over. As the weather deteriorated (read, pee’d it down) during Saturday afternoon, the special outdoor stage wasn’t used. The band moved inside, and although ‘cosy’ people still found room to dance.

One of them gaining the nickname of ‘Abba’, the branches very own dancing Queen!! Scruff became ‘Footloose’ for the evening. ‘Great Balls of Fire’, was played especially for the chairman who was seen hobbling about using a walking stick over the weekend, it caused a laugh, so someone must know what that was about!! Plenty of drink was taken (purely to keep the pub in business you understand), which included the landlord, who admitted to cooking Sundays breakfast with a thick head. Personally, I plan on staying next year, so as not to miss out on the festivities.

Sunday was the main day with a hearty breakfast (yet no Colin Snowden was seen!) and free tea and coffee provided for those who braved the summer rain and stayed over, next year we hope for better weather and more people to turn up to the overnight camping. Breakfast talk about the nights activities left a smile on many people’s faces, and the excited mood happily continued, caffeinated up for the main event!

With great support from our members, the gate was manned, stalls shown to their positions, all were in place for a smooth opening up at 10. With the ice cream van turning up for brunch if people were awake enough, along with the ice cream van we had our days entertainment with a relaxed music from Steve Spalls ‘So-Low’ set, he played throughout the whole day. Bikes soon started pouring in and at one point we were worried we didn’t have enough room. After months of careful planning 200 plus bikes, and five trikes arrived on site. The bikes on arrival had a small coloured sticker attached to the headlight, this helped the judges identify which judging class the bike would be entered into. Trophies being for:- Best TOMCC members Triumph, Best Modern (1985 upwards), Best Classic ( Pre 1985), Best in show and  Landlord's choice. Speaking of the landlord, Simon and staff welcomed us with open arms, with a full bar and food big thank you Tattingstone white horse.

By mid day there was a great atmosphere with plenty to look at, from a wonderful Triumph Tiger cub to modern Bonnevilles. The BBQ and cake stalls did a roaring trade, drink flowed freely, Alcohol free ‘Ghost Ship’ for those riding. Our three supported charities :- Norfolk & Suffolk Rescue Dog Association ( complete with rescue dog ‘Puzzle’, who made loads of new friends), SARS and the East Anglian Air Ambulance mingled happily with the bikers promoting their causes. Mid afternoon the chairman announced the show winners. Two of the trophies going to branch members, Dave B’s ‘T160 Trident’ taking best in show, and the Landlords choice going to Dad’s Triumph Saint, as she liked the colour, purple. As the time came close to the 4 O’Clock show close, many hands made light work taking tents down etc. The stalls packed away and the field was left as found, spotless.

We’ve just met up and had a post show debrief back at the pub.. All agreed this will be happening again on the first weekend of July 2020, with the experience gained, we hope to have more people camping over, more live music in the afternoon and generally making it bigger and better, building on this year. For all those who turned up we were glad to see you, and hope to see you again next year.


Richard Snowden


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