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Lovely night for a ride, although hot, the weather cooled somewhat for the evening ride out, and of course there was no rain. 6 members turned up at Washbrook services for the short ride to the Kersey Bell.
A couple of members were met at the destination. Andrea turned up late, making the tally 10, where we gave her detention by getting her to write 100 times “ I must not be late”, I think she enjoyed being disciplined.
What a great evening was had by all, Drinking, sharing stories and general banter ( well we had to with Colin S being present ). However, even though Simon and his better half wanted food…….well that’s another long story…..
We all wished each other a safe drive home and hopefully we all did get home uneventfully.


An evening with Pete Harrison from the East Angian Air Ambulance.
And presentation of cheque by the branch Chairman.


Christmas Raffle Club Night. 12th Dec.



Framlingham Sausage Fest


Time:                   09:30
Date:                   Sunday 8th October 2017

Meeting Point:          Jacks Café for ride to Framlingham Sausage Festival

Jacks Café in Ipswich was our designated meeting point.

On arrival at 09:15, and no-one else there, I wondered if I had the right place, but thankfully I had, when 7 other bikers all arrived.

Colin S, our organiser for the run, took a seat after ordering his mighty Full English Breakfast, the rest of us sat on in awe. The rest of us had teas and coffees and one couple poached egg on toast.

Colin had finished, so we all set off for Framlingham and all those luverly sausages.

Colin headed us in the right direction where the route he had chosen took us off the main roads for a great ride through the Suffolk Countryside, glorious, even the weather looked kind (better than last Sunday at the Copdock show)

A short way from Framlingham, Tony S met us to take us on to our VIP parking spot right next to the castle, where we all arrived safely.

Having securely left our bikes, we rushed to buy our tickets for the festival, which was extremely well attended by so many people. I was disappointed that we had to queue for out tastings, but nonetheless it was worthwhile.

After consuming some of the wares, we were invited to Tony’s house where we all partook of a cup of tea and coffee. Thanks very much Tony and Mrs Tony.

After resting our weary bones, we made our way back up the hill, where I said my goodbyes to everyone (who started queuing for more tasters as I had to be home for a facetime session with my grandchildren.)

Colin and Tony, pointed me in the right direction where I straight away found myself on the correct route home.

Thanks to Colin for organising and leading.

Thanks to Tony for arranging the VIP parking

And finally, thanks to all that turned up making it a really great day.




Breakfast run again to Langford. 3/9/17

At 09:30 3 members had a lovely ride from the Tollgate Centre Colchester to the Old Mill House Hotel, for another great Breakfast.

Whilst Adrian and I had a lighter meal (as we were due to have lunch a little later) Paul Had the medium full English with Toast and Tea, all for the massive sum of £6.

The breakfast was with us in no time after ordering and of the same good quality. We then stayed there having a great old natter over all manner of things.


On our return, Paul overtook me at one turn, and thinking he did that to get a better view round the corner whilst turning right at Great Totham, I let him lead.

It was only after we both arrived home that he told me his clutch cable had snapped. I think he had to work very hard in changing gear without a clutch.

He arrived home safely and fortunately had a spare clutch cable in his box of bits.

Adrian on the other hand let me know that his engine was running lumpy by the time he arrived home too.

I do hope that my initial “Breaking Clutch Cable” germ has not spread to Paul and manifested itself into and engine virus too.


Great time even though the problems.








  Jim and Eric's Fish 'n' Chip Run.

June the 18th saw one of the hottest days of the year so far, so ideal weather for putting on the biking gear and finding some fish and chips!

About 15 or so turned up at washbrook services, there was little shade to hide from the rising temperature. At about 11 o'clock we set off, Jim leading the way through the Suffolk countryside.

A warm ride with lots of bugs for company, we all managed to stay together and arrived at our destination in Diss, Norfolk. As Eric had forewarned the chip shop of our intentions we were all waved at from the owner of the Fairgreen Fish Bar as we rode pass.

Parking the bikes in the little car park we mostly did our own thing, some opted for chips, others went to the Angel café. Finding shade to consume our meals was top priority and there wasn't much around.

Later on some of us needed a beer to cool down, the Cock Inn just down the road, not a good choice of beers and expensive, but nice and relaxing all the same. Eventually everyone drifted off and made their way home or somewhere?

All in all a nice little run out, just a bit too warm for jackets! Thanks go to Eric and Jim for all their efforts in organising it all.  





Good Friday and the boy and I,  well the boy's idea really, thought an early morning run to Aldeburgh would be nice. Left at 0900, early enough, and went Woodbridge,  Melton, Eyke,  Rendlesham,  Tunstall,  Snape and down into Aldeburgh,  Thought it would be chillier so wore my Dennis the Menace wool shirt which I'm told makes me look fat (ter) but the journey turned out warm and sunny.  We fancied a look at this American themed diner and got there just before the 1000 opening.  Very good breakfast,  nice coffee and friendly hosts, passed a pleasant hour. Not much traffic going, more returning which took the gloss off the ride but never mind. Forgot to get pics of the bikes as a chap stopped to chat, He used to have the use of a Black Shadow and as is often the way with motorcycling told us the story of how he kew the people who started making the Avon Fairings, in a chicken shed initially apparently.  His friends and he all got ones custom made for their bikes. Funny how these stories reach out to you. 

LAs I said, hope this works ok

Cheers Colin 


Photos are of group ready for breakfast ride to the Old Mill house hotel at Langford.
Unfortunately I took this photo before everyone had arrived.
Weather was great, a little chilly first thing, but still had a good ride down the windy country lanes
Breakfast took an awful long time to arrive at the hotel, but was of its usual very good quantity and quality.
Return journey was lovely and warm in the October sunshine.


This is the ride to Tattingstone Whitel Horse, which also turned out to be Eric's Birthday!



Recent run to 'Revved Up' tea bar. Walton - on - Sea.



George and Dragon meet up.



Penultimate 4th Tuesday run and what a wonderful night it was, ideal temperature for riding after a very warm day.

Had a great turnout too, 11 bikes....mostly from Suffolk Area.....(shame on all you Essex members  )

One member had to come by car as her husband was too tired to move things out of the garage to let her get her bike out. tut tut!!!!

Discussions were varied, from finding out how to lower my tick over on my bike, to jokes that are too blue to print.....

We certainly have progressed in our turnouts, many more now attending than a couple of years ago, so please..... keep it up

Look forward to seeing you and any new or potential members



STOMCC Chairman and Social Secretary




 Cavendish Meet


Cavendish 2.JPGCavendish 1.JPG




Run to Shotley.





Southwold Run ~ 1st June 2013

Picture_1 and 2 is of some of the members that attended the run, we are pictured here with Mac from Norfolk Branch just after we arrived by the pier.

Inside of lighthouse and view, this is the reason we went, for a tour of the lighthouse. For the princely sum of £3-50, we had a tour which lasted some 20 minutes and took the 113 steps to the top. We were treated to a good description of how the lighthouse is managed and the lights they now use.

We all had a good time and arrived safely home.