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David Bartz and the Avon Speed Trial

The bike is a TR7 slightly modified. The best run time of the weekend 11.1 seconds. It has gone faster but it has sat in the shed for the last 7 years and David is a tad heavier than he was the last time he raced it. Its previous best time was 10.6. The first run, she shake down run was against a VMax which he slaughtered, the next was a 595 Daytona and the final run was against a latest model SpeedTriple run by Staffordshire Triumph Shop.





My Bikers Tale



Back in my early days when I was close to leaving school aged 15, I got myself a Triumph motorcycle pamphlet, and drooled over the Tiger Cub.


That drooling continued for quite sometime. But the motorcycle bug had bitten…….


My Dad at that time, owned a Puch 50cc, I used to ride this up and down the garden.


When I turned 16, I took my test on the Puch 50 and passed…. In those days, all you needed to do was ride around “the block” being observed by the examiner and at an appropriate time, the examiner would dart out in front of you to check you on your emergency stop. I did wonder how many of these examiners were run down.


That was the start to my love of my motorcycling.

I wanted to upgrade to a bigger machine and fortunately my Uncle Jack, persuaded my parents. And in 1970, I bought a 1960 AJS 650cc Model 31CSR combination for the princely sum of £59-10s-0d….(how many remember LSD… Pounds, Shillings and Pence…not the drugs.). Can you imagine a 17 year old weighing 9st 7lbs and height 5ft 6in riding such a BIG bike………


That bike was great, I had lots of fun lifting the Sidecar in the air when going round left hand corners until one day, when driving in the college car park, I hit some ice on a left hander, and smacked very hard into the kerb and bent the forks.

My dad came to the rescue as he worked in an engineering factory, he straightened them for me and I put the bike back together again.


A short time late, after getting married, we found times hard, we could’nt afford to run our car, so to get to work, I bought a 1965Triumph T90…that was when I first became hooked on Triumphs…..It was such a great  reliable bike. I fixed it soooo well, that there wasn’t even an oil leak….how about that !!!


Times became easier, and my wife hated riding pillion, so we were able to afford a car, but I had to sell the bike to get the car…..Booo Hoooo…..


Many years passed, about 30 odd years in fact, when my wife out of the blue said, “you still like bikes… don’t you”, I replied yes.  “Why don’t you get another one” she said. So less than 2 weeks later I got my pride and joy…a 1976 T140V Bonneville.


And that’s where we are today, Over the moon with my mistress, enjoying our meetings at the STOMCC and forging new friendships with other members…. Long may it continue!



Chairman and Social Secretary






is sweet!

Back in the booming days of 2007 when all was well with the world [or so we thought hey] I had been working in the same job since 1959! that’s over 48yrs! and was looking for a way out! Whilst skiving when I could, I had read the road test in "MCN" on this new triumph 675 street triple several times n thought this bike seems to perform very much like my much loved 1985 Kawasaki "eliminator" 750, only it weighs half as much! that sounds good, not going into too much detail, I checked, jacked n took the company pension and run! ordered the triumph after a road test at my local dealers [Ongar mc] on a day I skived off, 27th Sept, I was Nº 19 on a strict list of other punters before me.

Whilst I waited I went to the bike show n came home with a tail tidy from "R & G" and a fancy no plate from the DVLA, a good start to my retirement plans. The bike arrived for me to collect on a wet Friday 18th Jan 2008, I remember being very nervous taking the bike the 30 miles home on wet roads . But all was well, I just had to wash loads of crud off. Soon as the weather bettered I used my new free time to ride any good day! I had been a long term isle of man TT races fan, so TT 2008 on the triple was great, got to hotel n fellow regular was there ready to surprise me with his new bike, a Suzuki 600, trounced that or what! when he saw that I had arrived on a new bike too!

I like to use a bike how its meant to be, you now we live on the edge at times, but I'm older n wiser I hope! so a lot of time I "ride like an engineer" you know with a bit of care so my 1st and 2nd rear tyres have done over 9k before needing replacement, and the front one? 14k. the bike is on its way to 23k on the clock, original chain n sprockets too! [that's cos of putoline ceramic wax lube] on we go, the next service is at 24k, a big "ouch" on the wallet I bet.

I didn’t say before but have some of the extras that Triumph sell for the bike, the best by far is the cockpit fairing with screen, works a treat to keep the wind off, and the rear grab rail, how do you get the bike off a paddock stand without it, I've no idea. Anyway got to go, suns out n I need to squirt the "street" to somewhere for a tea n chat.
Stay upright! Arnie..................................

~ Arnie's 'sweet' Street Triple ~